‘There will be a restructuring of the industry’: Telenomics Predictions 2015

‘There will be a restructuring of the industry’: Telenomics Predictions 2015

Curt Hopkins, CEO, Telenomics:

‘The past year has been a rollercoaster for the mobile industry – we’ve seen wearable tech make a splash in the market and heard murmurs of major strategic moves by the telecom operators. As we move into 2015, these developments are only going to continue, so what do operators need to aware of and what should they be doing? 

‘While the rumours have started, the next year is going to see this restructuring of the mobile industry. As we approach the New Year, those of us who are part of the broader mobile ecosystem need to be vigilant and ensure they have a good understanding of any changes, and seek opportunities where possible – of course, there is always risk and concern involved with such shake ups, but I’d advise all to fully embrace the changes.

‘From a technology point of view, the connected world is going to explode (further) – we are inevitably becoming increasingly digital, and the concept of ‘Internet of Things’ will only become more mainstream. The release of the Apple Watch this year is a perfect example of connected things, and as we approach the year ahead, we’re only going to see more wearable and home automation. Integration with the likes of iOS and Android will become the norm, and we’ll all soon be modelling connected wearables of some sort.’

‘Firms in the mobile industry shouldn’t feel threatened by the industry changes but instead treat the developments as opportunities and where possible, get involved. At the end of the day, the industry is moving forward, so the players that don’t keep pace will soon fall fast behind those competitors who drive innovation and continue to grow.’



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