The application space will mature: IBM Prediction 2015

The application space will mature: IBM Prediction 2015

Dan Bailey, mobile business director UK and Ireland, IBM:

‘The technology to support mobile will mature towards a "platform" making it easier & faster to build and maintain applications

‘So much has happened in the mobile space over the past 3 years. Not only have we seen an almost 'viral'-like explosion of app development, we have also witnessed a proliferation of tools to assist in the delivery, management and security of those apps. Technologies will be brought together into an integrated platform that will have many deployment models (cloud, hybrid, private) enabling faster deployment of richer, integrated applications.

‘There will be a confluence between Mobile, Social, Internet of Things & Analytics that will drive a completely different level of app experience

‘The market has tended to silo these topics. This cannot sustain. Customers don't seek to buy social, mobile or other categories of product, they come with problems they need solved. Mobile users are already the most important clients for social companies. With the continued proliferation of sensors and wearables, pulling together these practices and using analytics to manage data, we will be able to build apps with deeper levels of customer insight and a greater ability to reach new customers. Apps will become context-driven and provide enhanced levels of collaboration.

‘This confluence will affect working patterns, shifting the focus from business-driven to 'user first' processes

‘We will move from traditional process steps, driven by the back end, to personal enterprise, user-customised, context-aware, people-driven processes. This will open up new areas of services - "The Connected Life" - 'User First' connections, with real-time context-based data and interactions driving better options and outcomes. Examples of these new app services are already happening, for example in Connected Car, Assisted Living, or Home & Building Security.

‘This could even lead to new business models for how we work in the world.’


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