Personalised services will be key: Carphone Warehouse Predictions 2015

Personalised services will be key: Carphone Warehouse Predictions 2015

Graham Stapleton, CEO Carphone Warehouse UK & Ireland:

‘The development in connectivity has been accelerating over the last year, and that pace is set to continue.

‘Differentiation has always been the battleground for phone manufacturers, but the trend for 2015 is set to diversify away from pure hardware and into the value added space, bringing amongst other things an increase in mobile payment systems. With 70% of restaurants on track to accept mobile payments by 2015, manufacturers will undoubtedly be looking at ways to make the most of this opportunity. This shift from hardware to software will also see the operating systems intensify their growth plans. Android, iOS and Microsoft will all be investing in innovation and as connected retailers, we’ll look to share that wider ecosystem solution with our customers.

‘As 2015 progresses, improvements across the network infrastructure will open up the opportunity for increased connectivity both in and out of the home, helping people do more in their everyday lives, exactly where, when and in the way they want to. In fact, the market for connected devices otherwise known as the internet of things, is estimated to generate a massive $8.9 trillion in worldwide revenue by 2020. A significant contributor to this growth will be wearables. Their popularity is expected to grow rapidly as manufacturers innovate beyond overly bulky smartwatches and geeky products to marry the functional and the fashionable creating products that customers genuinely want to wear.

‘2015 will be the year that sees personalisation move from being a buzz-word into a reality. One size certainly does not fit all and we’ve started to see customers demanding services and products more tailored to their personal needs. But with more choices, more services and more products comes a dilemma; option fatigue – confusion in navigating through the complexities of the thousands of phone and tariff combinations available. In response to this we’ve introduced Pin Point, which helps customers to understand all the phone, connectivity and data options available and walk out with the right solution that is truly personalised to them.’


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