Big old brands to lose market share: Kazam Predictions 2015

Big old brands to lose market share: Kazam Predictions 2015

James Atkins, CMO, Kazam:

‘When it comes to smartphones, it’s a case of tech, tech and more tech.  But, are people really using all these new fangled features?  Are the big brands just trying to out innovate each other?

‘For 2015 – I predict a change of tact.  Rather than launching yet more unusable features, I’d like to see brands investing in services.  Whether that’s dedicated apps, longer warranty periods, or just better, more thoughtful customer service, surely investing in these areas will deliver significantly more value to the consumer?

‘The idea of wearables is strong.  The benefits will be significant in sectors such as healthcare, where wearable technology can boost efficiency and accuracy of treatment, whether that’s scanning bar codes and tags for patient identification or surgeons using Google glasses during operations to allow for real-time assistance from specialists in other countries.

‘However, in terms of the mainstream, wearable technology is still expensive and is predominantly a trendy toy for the early adopter squad. Indeed, a recent survey by PWC revealed fewer than half of people who own a wearable device actually use it every day.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that wearables are the future, but the technology needs fine-tuning and the benefits need to be more tangible, before this truly takes off.    

‘The mobile industry is facing a seismic shift.  The big brands of old are struggling to keep pace with the raft of young, dynamic start-ups.  We only have to look to Nokia & Blackberry RIM to realise the creaking giants are exactly that.

‘2015 is likely to see this trend increase still further, with the established brands losing precious market share to the new, agile, more flexible competition.

‘More choice, better quality and competitive prices - I would argue this can only benefit consumers.



brilliant i agree. KAZAM has a great future with this att**ude.
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