Mid-range smartphone market to grow: Alcatel Predictions 2015

Mid-range smartphone market to grow: Alcatel Predictions 2015

William Paterson UK and Ireland country director, Alcatel

‘2014 has been a remarkable year for the mobile industry. The way we use our devices is changing. Apps are now used more than browsers on tablets and smartphones, and this year has seen 4G technology become more affordable.’

‘I believe 2015 will see 4G technology becoming even more affordable and a standard specification on smartphones. As a result of this, I think it’s likely that the pre-pay market will return to growth with operators using strong offers to go alongside great value 4G handsets. 

‘Wearables have been a buzzword of 2014 but the challenge of 2015 will be to make them affordable and accessible for consumers so that they become a part of everyday life. Marketeers will be working hard to transform wearable technology from futuristic gadgets to items which add value to the consumer’s day to day life.

‘Another area that I believe will see major changes is that of the mid-market smartphone - which has emerged this year. As technology brands such as us, strive to provide higher specification phones at lower costs, a new group of smartphone has appeared. With the growth of the SIM free market this year, we’re seeing people purchase these mid-range devices SIM free and then shop around for the most reasonable SIM only deal. I think 2015 will see continued growth in this area.

‘2014 has seen a change in how we consume technology and I think this shows no sign of slowing in 2015 – bring it on!’



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