Retail franchising the way to go: Fonehouse 2015 predictions

Retail franchising the way to go: Fonehouse 2015 predictions

2015 will see more changes to the retail environment. More questions of how important are stores versus online. Networks will still want more direct contact with airtime subscribers but become more worried about the cost or running a national retail operation….hence more franchising and more laying off on costs.

However I believe with all the new product and concept categories coming our way, retail plays an important part of the Mobile comms strategy over the next few years. Discounting online will not be the answer to our new world of connected things.

Grass roots retailing will become more important as main stream markets are saturated. Heineken advert comes to mind here ( refreshes the parts others cannot reach etc) So its Fonehouse on tap! Cheers!

Diversification will be seen more and more - not a bad thing if it relates somehow to core business.

Ongoing revenue streams, as ever, becoming more and more important to sustain high costs in a long term play, great for those with deep pockets, more challenging for start ups and business’s breaking even or making a modest profit. Bravey required here.

A world and consumer landscape full of turmoil, uncertainty and change…..heralds opportunity for some and confusion for others.

Happy New Year!


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