A boring year ahead for mobile: Strand Consult 2015 predictions

A boring year ahead for mobile: Strand Consult 2015 predictions

The market for devices in 2015 will be dead boring.  Innovation is limited, and the handset market is increasingly similar to the PC industry. Google is the big winner. We don’t expect big news beyond more technically advanced phones handling many network technologies.

I do not believe that Microsoft will have success in the mobile market in 2015.  We are sorry for them.  It’s possible that the bad karma came from Stephen Elop but more likely, Microsoft just can’t succeed at reinvention.  It has tried several times over the past 15 years to come to life in the mobile market, but it remains the king of the market that is slowly migrating away from PCs toward smartphones and tablets.

The assets which Microsoft bought from Nokia continue to fall, like sand through the fingers. If you look at the hardware market, the Chinese and the low cost device manufactures win - a market which is dominated by Google and the services it bundles into their Android operating system.

While the Internet of Things and the M2M markets will require many SIM cards, the traffic on each card is marginal to insignificant.  Strand Consult is critical of the hype around these topics and their business models.  As such, many operators will recognize that they don’t have the skill and cost structure to address these markets and will recognize that they are better handled by specialists that know how to add value to the traffic. 

2015 will bring more focus on the value chain - where is the value is and who can add value to the market? We expect that operators will address this market through experienced partners who focus on this market and run a cost-effective organizations.


Poor John Strand was the guy who said that Apple didnt have a living chance in the mobile space and that Google/Android was a bunch of amateurs who di ...
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