EE develops life-saving app for London's Air Ambulance

EE develops life-saving app for London's Air Ambulance

EE and mobile app developer Mubaloo are helping London’s Air Ambulance save lives with a bespoke mobile app which speeds up the time it takes the charity’s trauma teams to reach emergencies.

The app, which runs on 4G tablets, cuts at least two minutes off trauma teams' dispatch times, with rapid response cars being dispatched in as little as 10 seconds.

The app was developed by Mubaloo in partnership with EE. The operator has been working with Mubaloo in an exclusive partnership for over a year with the aim of creating a one-stop shop for organisations wanting bespoke apps to help them run their businesses more efficiently.

EE and Mubaloo developed the app by studying the dispatch process, reviewing how data from 999 calls is processed, as well as looking at the on board requirements of the helicopter response team and the navigation challenges the London’s Air Ambulance road response teams face.  

Dr Gareth Grier,  London’s Air Ambulance, said: ‘Out of the 5,000 emergency calls that are received by the London Ambulance Service every day, we typically see six patients whose injuries are so critical that they need additional specialist treatment on-scene before they get to hospital. Even reducing the time we take to get to our patients by 10 seconds could, in some instances, mean the difference between life and death.' 

Gerry McQuade, chief marketing officer at EE, said: ‘This is a fantastic example of how 4G and mobile technology is helping organisations to improve performance, even in the most critical applications such as emergency services and healthcare. In the hands of the brilliant London’s Air Ambulance team, the speed and reliability of EE’s 4G network combined with a bespoke application by EE Customised Apps partner Mubaloo, is creating crucial efficiencies that are actually helping to save lives.’ 

Sarah Weller, London MD at Mubaloo said: ‘London’s Air Ambulance is a truly mobile operation, providing mobile care and assistance to those most in need. Like many organisations, there are operations and processes that are unique to London’s Air Ambulance. With 4G helping to improve the speed of third party apps, it was clear that taking a custom approach would deliver further benefits.

EE and Mubiloo are also backing the charity's fund raising campaign for a second helicopter. Fundraisers can donate and watch the helicopter being built at or can donate by texting HELICOPTER to 70800 to donate £5.



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