MWC News: Windows and Wearables for Acer

MWC News: Windows and Wearables for Acer

A Windows phones and a new wearable device were the stand outs from Acer’s Mobile World Congress product launch.

Speaking to Mobile in Barcelona Acer’s product and planning manager Kris Lee Acer said that there were particular users that the brand were targeting with its Windows devices: ‘We decided to launch a range of Windows phones because we believe that it’s easier to use than Android, it helps to bridge the gap between feature phone user and smartphone user. Microsoft is a trusted brand and have been a long term partner of Acer, it was right to offer some Windows phones particularly before the launch of Windows 10.’

‘Our wearable device already runs Android but the latest version also functions with Windows phones. The second generation wearable device is even more customisable it is a 1-inch screen that can be detached front the strap. It can be used like a Fitbit for fitness tracking but also acts as a notification centre. The wearable has been designed to appeal to both male and female markets. The new product can be used alongside a number of other Acer products and going forward we believe it will be the platform to control more.’

The Acer products will be released in around April or March in the UK

Lee told Mobile that the brand was open to the idea of bundling its new phones with its wider ranges of goods: ‘Acer wants to offer a broad portfolio of products so we have launched a number of phones and the latest wearable to fit alongside the two-in-one tablet and laptops we already sell. With some of these products there is the potential to bundle them, we don’t have specific details at this stage but it is something we have done before.’


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