MWC News: Huawei announces smart watch and big B2C plan

MWC News: Huawei announces smart watch and big B2C plan

Huawei has launched a smart watch and revealed a major new marketing strategy designed to establish the manufacturer as a major consumer brand

Speaking in Barcelona Huawei’s global brand director Amy Lou said that the firm had ‘sometimes made mistakes’ its transformation from ODM to OEM manufacturer, but insisted that the company would ‘keep learning in our ambition to become one of the worlds most powerful brands.’  

Lou explained that the Chinese manufacturer hopes to appeal to consumers through ‘a sense of purpose’: ‘To take our brand forward we need to convey its purpose. The world’s most powerful brands offer more than their product, they have a purpose that resonates with their customers. Our ambition to get closer to consumers through a shared vision and spirit.’

Huawei has decided that its ‘brand purpose’ or ‘big ideal’ will be based on the slogan ‘make it possible’ which it hopes will attract a customers it describes as ‘progressive optimists’ and ‘visionary challengers’. 

On the product side the manufacturer launched a range of wearables under the ‘talkband’ label as well as a smart watch. 

Describing what made their smart watch stand out Huawei’s consumer group CEO Richard Yu said: ‘Other watches on the market look like gadgets, we are using traditional watch elements on our smart watch. It has a high resolution which makes the panel look like a real watch. it has pure craftsmanship like a classical watch.’



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