Things we learned… from Apple’s Spring Forward

Things we learned… from Apple’s Spring Forward

Here’s what we learned from the Apple Spring Forward event in San Francisco.


A bigger bang?

Most of what was announced at the Apple keynote back in September had already been leaked, however the number of major products announced at that event couldn’t help but grab the public’s attention.

Spring Forward was more about explaining specifications rather than generating excitement, which meant it was also less likely to be headline grabbing. However, if they had delayed the announcement of the Apple Watch until Spring Forward the event would have caused much more of a stir. The impact as also been lessened by steady stream of press leaks about the watch between September and yesterday.


Choosing the right way

Apple has been known for keeping small high end product ranges phasing out older models quicker than other brands to maintain a portfolio of technology that always appears relevant and cutting edge. Apple Watch comes in a huge number of variations and at numerous different price points which is very different to what we normally see from the brand.

An iPhone or Notebook suits everyone, but a Smart Watch is far less universal. Entering the world of wearables presents technology firms with issues that they haven’t had to consider before, like whether they need to develop different versions for men and women.


The time to shine

Putting the Apple Watch up against the Samsung Galaxy S6 in terms of timing is a bold move. However confident the Californian brand is about its wearable products it surely can’t be thinking that it will mount a challenge its main rival’s flagship. It’s likely that it’s more a case of trying to steal a bit of thunder from the Samsung’s flagship media coverage and marketing campaign, because realistically the products are targeting different markets.


Connections and services

It interesting to see how quickly Apple mentioned its Apple Pay service after talking about the success of the iPhone 6. The brand frontloaded the event with announcements about its TV and connected service offerings. It was obviously designed to raise awareness to parts of its portfolio which can get lost behind the big products. There is so much industry anticipation currently about the mass take up of the connected home, and yesterday Apple appeared to stake its claim for this space.


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