EE seeks retail footfall increase by offering free portable chargers

EE seeks retail footfall increase by offering free portable chargers

EE is looking to boost its retail footfall by offering its subscribers free portable smartphone chargers that can be swapped in store.

EE said the programme, a smaller scale of which was held at Glastonbury festival last year, responds to ‘recent research that shows there is a genuine consumer need for more power ‘. They claim that each power bar holds the potential for 500 charges and is a step towards fulfilling their pledge of ‘never ending power’.

Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer EE, said: ‘We’re trying to help by giving customers a Power Bar that can simply be swapped for a fully charged one at any of our stores, at any time, for free.’

Last year EE purchased 58 stores from, the now defunct retailer, Phones 4U and their further expansion into retail has been to encourage consumer to buy directly from EE stores. Following BT’s acquisition of EE, the high street retailer will look to boost customer footfall in order to further push their presence in the quad play market.

With battery life taking prominence in consumer concerns, more and more retailers are looking to provide a way to allow phone charging in public places. Companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds are already offering wireless charging hotspots in some locations, and this could be the next step for phone networks.


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