Samsung ‘doing things differently’ at S6 launch

Samsung ‘doing things differently’ at S6 launch

Conor Pierce told Mobile that the manufacturer is ‘listening more to partners’, at the launch of the brand’s latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Keen to make his mark as Samsung boss, Pierce revealed to Mobile that Samsung HQ staff would be hitting the shop floor for launch day with a very clear brief: ‘It’s not just about going out there and checking that everything is in order, it’s about going out there and listening more. That’s personally important to me, to listen to the market to listen to retail staff – how can we do things differently, how can we improve where we are at? How can we support them more and bring more value to their business, but also make it an easier switch to the Galaxy S6? For us to achieve that we need to listen in-store. I visited a call centre for exactly that reason. I did a full tour and I did some listening-in sessions. This is a really important education, especially as this market is evolving into something different from what it was in the past. It’s important to keep our front foot forward and turn that hype into really strong sales.’

Pierce told Mobile that despite the UK market smartphone being a tough one at the moment, targets for the brand remained high: ‘We enjoy a challenge and the market is a challenging place at the moment. So when we talk about targets, we talk about very aspirational and strong targets. It’s about what we can get from our partners, the portfolio we have and the reviews we’ve received. We are very confident we can deliver on that momentum. This is the year that we will turn around Samsung IM in the UK, and the Galaxy S6 is a great starting point for us.

‘It’s not just about generating the buzz because there’s massive buzz out there since we announced it at Mobile World Congress – we’ve been working hard with all the channels. The pre-orders have been overwhelming, so I think there’s significant buzz there.’

Getting back to being number one in the UK market in the flagship range is another target for Pierce: ‘Naturally we want to secure our market-leading position, particularly in premium, not just secure it but retain it. We need to drive that leadership that we’ve been blessed with in the past few years, not just for Samsung but for our partners.  

‘The empathy we now breathe within Samsung sees us listening to our partners, listening to customers, asking what they want. It’s about bringing multiple devices, different form factors – the edge is unique. Ultimately what we want to offer is choice; significant options across our portfolio, not just with the S6 but across the range’.


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