Vodafone launches new own-brand 4G smartphone

Vodafone launches new own-brand 4G smartphone

Vodafone has launched a £79 4G LTE enabled smartphone: the Smart prime 6.

Vodafone claims that the Smart prime 6’s ‘ground-breaking price’ makes it ‘an affordable alternative to some of the best big budget smartphones on the market’.

With 4G LTE compatibility offered as standard on the device, the new Vodafone own-branded smartphone will allow PAYG customers 4G network access. Although Vodafone PAYG customers need a £20 bolt on to receive 4G.

The pricing for the Smart prime 6 sees Vodafone undercut EE, who recently launched the Harrier range at a price of £99.

Alongside the Smart prime 6 Vodafone has also launched the Smart first 6, a 3G £40 smartphone that was ‘designed with first-time smartphone users in mind’.


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