EE hits 10m 4G customers

EE hits 10m 4G customers

EE has announced it has reached 10m 4G customers as 4G data over takes 3G for the first time.

With EE the first mobile network in Europe to reach 10m 4G customers, the company predicts that the network ‘will comfortably handle more than an Exabyte of data per year by 2018.’ Speaking recently to Mobile, Olaf Swantee, CEO of EE, stated that EE’s growing 4G customer base has made the UK a European leader in mobile.

He said: ‘EE has changed the mobile industry forever. We have moved the UK from legger to leader in mobile networks. Today we are ahead of many markets and have the biggest 4G customer base in the UK compared with any other European country.’

According to EE’s Mobile Living Index (EEMLI), which analysed customer trends and 4G mobile data use since early 2013, the surge in 4G data traffic was driven by the introduction of 4G to more rural areas and fuelled by video channels, such as YouTube.

The EEMLI showed that on the network almost half of all music streaming was via Soundcloud, with Spotify taking second place ahead of Deezer, while Apple maps was the most popular source of GPS, with 73% of traffic compared to Google maps’ 21%. The network also saw a boost in mHealth on the network, with faster connectivity increasing virtual healthcare usage by 63%.

Swantee added: ‘People are using 4G to change how they live and work, and one of the most exciting areas to watch is healthcare, which looks set to be transformed by access to superfast 4G.’




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