Samsung and Telefónica collaborate to ‘speed up’ IoT market

Samsung and Telefónica collaborate to ‘speed up’ IoT market

Telefónica has formed a partnership with Samsung, claiming that the collaboration is ‘essential
to speeding up the Internet of Things (IoT) market’.

The partnership will integrate Samsung devices with Telefónica’s IoT platform, Thinking Things, with the companies stating that the collaboration will ‘enable new forms of interaction within the IoT field’. 

According to the two companies, work has commenced on the development of two prototypes, one of which will link Thinking Things with Samsung devices and also connect with sensory technology. The companies have stated that a second prototype will involve developing a physical button, which will ‘simplify the application of IoT capabilities to different environments’. 

 ‘Telefónica's Product innovation area is looking beyond the current commercial offer of Telefónica. We want to extend our connectivity to all kinds of new devices, making the development of applications using these devices really simple,’ said Francisco Jariego, Telefónica I+D's IoT industrial director. ‘Working together with Samsung is essential to speed up the go-to market of our innovation efforts in IoT, a technology which is here to stay.’ 

Both companies claim to be working on ways to boost sensory-enabled interaction between home appliances, in a drive to further development of the connected home. The partnership will focus on home automation, such as presence control, customisable temperature, and humidity regulation, which both companies say will be incorporated into Samsung devices. 

The move into sensory technology sees the partnership take a step towards the industrial internet, which involves the integration of physical machinery with network sensors and software. Both Samsung and Telefónica claim that, through increased computing and connectivity capabilities, this industrial internet will converge with traditional industrial systems. 

 ‘This initiative with Telefónica allows us to explore the countless possibilities offered by Samsung’s industry-leading technology in order to create innovative solutions and make them available for our consumers’, said Alfredo Aragüés, Samsung Spain’s R&D division lead. ‘At Samsung, we believe that the true value of IoT technology is in making the user experience easier and more intuitive. This is why we regard Telefónica's Thinking Things platform as an excellent environment for the development of revolutionary initiatives in the IoT field that we will be able to bring to life in the present day.’


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