EE launches 4GEE Action Cam, explains ambitions ‘beyond mobile’

EE launches 4GEE Action Cam, explains ambitions ‘beyond mobile’

EE CEO Olaf Swantee has used the launch of EE’s 4G action camera to reveal the network’s plan to ‘become the first operator in the world to move beyond mobile’.

Speaking at the launch of the world’s first 4G action camera device, known as the ‘4GEE Action Cam’, Swantee said that the network was predicting that by 2017 it would be selling more connected devices than smartphones, with a mixture of partner products and own brand items making up its product portfolio.

The EE boss said that the operators connected strategy covered 4 areas: Connected business, connected home, connected cars and the connected individual. The new action camera from the network was very much in the final category, providing a new device for customers to consume data via. The network hopes that by launching the world’s first 4G action camera it will tap into one of the fastest growing product segments.

EE’s CMO Pippa Dunne, said that success with other services had encouraged the operator to launch the product: ‘TV has exceeded our expectations and confirmed our belief that the move towards multiple connected devices is so important. Just like the TV service, we want the action camera to challenge the rest of the market to wake up to the opportunity. We will bundle it because it comes with a shared proposition, so it makes sense to bundle. Shared plans are important if you have an EE contract you can add the data plan. That will be the easiest and best way that we’ll be able to sell this.’


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