Three calls on other sectors to help boost coverage

Three calls on other sectors to help boost coverage
Three has urged venue owners, government and train companies to collaborate with mobile networks to boost indoor and outdoor mobile coverage.
Speaking at Connect British event as part of London Tech Week, Phil Sheppard, director of network strategy and architecture, claims that while mobile operators have invested significantly to improve blackspots, they cannot fill the gaps alone.
He said: ‘We can do quite a lot as a mobile operator to increase coverage and indeed we are. Like all the operators we have signed up to the 90 percent geographic coverage obligation and we’re heading towards a similar level of indoor coverage.
‘But its physically impossible from a mobility point of view to (get - delete) cover every location. Some [buildings], particularly hotels, have very thick, multiple walls between conference centres and outdoors which make it very difficult for radio signals to penetrate. I do think there’s some scope for collaboration with venue owners. I think it would be a positive and constructive way of working together.’
Sheppard described such a collaboration as beneficial to both customers and other industries, such as government and train companies, as consumer consumption of data continues to grow across the networks. He explained that the issue with train signal coverage could be solved with the addition of ‘repeaters’ in the carriages to help relay radio signals.
Sheppard added: 'Train coverage has been problematic and there have been various attempts to improve it. I would argue that if you’re going to build a train that has absolutely zero penetration of radio signals, then maybe you might want to help improve mobile signal by putting repeaters in them, because your customers will value it.’



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