Vodafone launches its ‘most powerful’ smartphone

Vodafone launches its ‘most powerful’ smartphone

Vodafone has launched the Smart ultra 6, its ‘most powerful’ 4G budget smartphone,

The network compared the new device to the big flagship smartphones, with product management director, Peter Becker-Pennrich, likening the Smart ultra 6 to the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

He explained that the new device aims to ‘provide people with technology and features at prices they wouldn’t normally get them for’.

‘The aim for the Smart ultra 6 was to build the best phone we possibly could, whilst maintaining that emphasis on value for money,’ he said. ‘We’ve taken some of the most advanced technology in the world and built it into a package that we think is incredibly powerful – in every area. We haven’t made any compromises here; this is absolutely the most powerful smartphone we’ve ever built.

‘The same thing is happening in the phone industry that happened to the PC industry in the early 90s. Originally people just wanted to buy standalone PCs, but then they started to become more conscious of individual components. Only recently, people are starting to understand and care more about the components inside their phones as well.’

The Smart ultra 6 will cost £125 on pay as you go and is the network’s latest value 4G offering, following on from the launch of the Smart prime 6, which retailed at £79. The launch sees Vodafone expand its own 4G branded device range ahead of the launch of WiFi calling on the network this summer.











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