Envirofone turns its focus to pre-owned wearables

Envirofone turns its focus to pre-owned wearables

Envirofone will look to target the wearables market following the launch of its new online
store selling mobile devices, accessories, tablets and wearables, with owner Redeem explaining that wearables are ‘an important area for business’.

Speaking to Mobile, director of online strategy, Richard Mavers, claimed that the pre-owned mobile market has experienced significant growth in the UK. He believes that the same opportunity will be available with wearables, and said that Redeem will be ‘watching the market with interest’. 

He said: ‘We believe that the wearables market is an important area for business. We have been selling mostly Samsung Gear and watches as the market has grown. Before Apple launched its wearables range, the market was quite down. Now the market is huge and keeps on growing so we are watching it with interest, however we do not know what size that market is as yet. 

‘We are focusing on second-generation products and looking to target customers who are not entirely sold on the idea of a wearable device. Rather than pay top-end prices for a smartwatch, we can give customers the option to try a cheaper option before investing in a full-priced product. I think the beauty of our business model is that when the market grows we will receive more second-hand handsets and as the market grows, we grow.’ 

Mavers described the launch of the Envirofone shop as a step that ‘always kind of made sense’, claiming that smartphones have become too expensive for customers to purchase brand new.

He said: ‘The mobile market is one with lots of new products and I think that these devices have become too expensive. It is too much for customers to buy a new device in the UK, and we have seen that the pre-owned market has grown massively over the past few years.

‘The online shop will allow customers to get a top-class mobile phone at a fraction of the price. The pre-owned industry is a different area where we have a good business and we want to make the most of it by providing customers with high-end devices.’

The online shop will initially be available in the UK with plans to expand internationally later on.








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