Panasonic launches connected home hub in the UK

Panasonic launches connected home hub in the UK

Panasonic has announced it will launch a complete home networking system in the UK, enabling connected devices to be controlled with a smartphone.

The system includes a main home hub to which multiple devices, such as cameras, sensors and plugs, can be connected. The devices can be controlled remotely while the cameras will offer two way conversations.

Panasonic’s latest push into the connected home market follows that of Samsung and Telefónica, who recently partnered to develop IoT technology for the home. Panasonic explained that too many businesses are focusing on developing one smart device, claiming that the industry needs a system to connect everything together.

‘Panasonic has designed the Smart Home system with the needs of the regular person or family firmly in mind,’ said Justin Burnell, sales and marketing manager for Panasonic Smart Home. ‘So far the industry has focused on producing smart devices with one, specific application. But what people really want is a system that helps simplify their life, not complicate it further.‘

He added: ‘How many times have you wondered if you closed the bedroom window, or if your teenager made it home safely from school? With the Panasonic Smart Home system you can check quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet. Fewer worries can only be a good thing and with Panasonic Smart Home system you can achieve peace of mind.’

The new system will allow smart devices to be controlled using a smartphone or tablet app, with the connected home kits due to go on sale from July 17, ranging from £129.99 to £229.99.



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