Microsoft deal means no more Nokia mobiles....until 2016

Microsoft deal means no more Nokia mobiles....until 2016

Nokia has revealed that an agreement with Microsoft prevents it from returning to the mobile device market before 2016.

Nokia explained that the only capacity in which it will return to mobile phones will be through brand licensing, describing its return as ‘complicated’,

The Finnish company was responding to media speculation that suggested it was poised to return to the mobile device space, after selling its device and services business to Microsoft last year.

Robert Morlino, spokesperson for Nokia Technologies, explained that the manufacturer won’t implement a brand licensing model until at least Q4 2016.

He said: ‘The right path back to mobile phones for Nokia is through a brand-licensing model. We will look for the right partner who can take on the heavy lifting and work closely with us to deliver a great product. As we agreed with Microsoft, the soonest that could happen is Q4 2016 -- so it’s safe to say Nokia won’t be back (at least in phone form...) before then.’

The N1 Android tablet, launched earlier this year, was the Nokia’s first brand licensed product. The model saw Nokia partner with an OEM who took care of manufacturing and hardware distribution, while Nokia lent its technology and branding to the product.






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