‘Xiaomi will bring smartphones to the UK,’ claims B2X

 ‘Xiaomi will bring smartphones to the UK,’ claims B2X

Customer care provider B2X believes that Xiaomi’s UK entrance will expand beyond its initial
accessories launch, hinting at mobile phones on the horizon.

Speaking to Mobile, CEO Thomas Berlemann explained that while B2X is providing Xiaomi with a ‘seamless entrance into the European market’ through accessories, a move into mobile is not off the cards. He said: ‘We will take care of accessories for Xiaomi but also if it comes to mobile phones it will be easy for us to continue to work with them because we are very flexible. I would predict that Xiaomi will also look to launch mobile phones and not just go with accessories.

‘Xiaomi highly values the services we can offer to help it move swiftly into the market; it’s very cost efficient. In terms of moving away from online and into retail, I don’t think that will happen. I have never seen that it will not stick to their core business model; that’s part of its strategy.’

Berlemann explained that B2X ‘fits perfectly’ with Xiaomi’s business model and will support the Chinese manufacturer entering the market in Germany, France and the UK. Xiaomi described this market as ‘critical’, with Berlemann explaining that Europe is an area that several Chinese companies are looking at.

He added: ‘Xiaomi is so successful in China with many of the operators and it has built a solid foundation. It now wants to tap into European territories to grow market shares and expand the business. That’s the intention of Xiaomi and many other Chinese OEMS.’


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