Huawei reports 30% revenue boost as ICT ambitions revealed

Huawei reports 30% revenue boost as ICT ambitions revealed

Huawei has announced a 30% revenue jump for the first six months of 2015.

The manufacturer explained that stable growth across its enterprise, consumer and carrier business segments led to revenues of CNY175.9 billion (£18.2bn).

Huawei explained that growth in data traffic had driven carriers to invest in network capacity expansion. This boosted investment in ICT, with Huawei developing software to aid this ‘digital transformation’, as described by CFO Meng Wanzhou.

She said: ‘The growth in global data traffic drives investment in network capacity expansion, while carriers' digital transformation pushes up investment in the ICT industry. These factors helped us maintain steady growth in the carrier business.’

Huawei stated its ambition to become a ‘global leader in the ICT industry’, the brand recently announced an alliance with Vodafone to target the European enterprise market. At the time Huawei explained it planned to integrate its ICT expertise with Vodafone to ‘transform the industry’.

The manufacturer’s latest results show a continued push in that market, revealing growth within its enterprise business. Wanzhou commented: ‘In the enterprise business, our innovative products and solutions have laid the foundation for building strong competitiveness and we have started to experience accelerated growth as the enterprise business began to pick up in the first half of this year.’

Huawei also reported strong smartphone growth for the first half of 2015 with its branded products, as well as its Honor range. Meng explained that Huawei’s smartphone offerings have been ‘well received’ in mid-range and high end markets.

She said: ‘Huawei's mid-range and high-end smartphones, Mate7 and P8 in particular, as well as Honor-branded phones, have made solid progress, helping us guarantee quality and sustainable growth in the consumer business.’




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