TalkTalk's Dido Harding explains consolidation ‘concern’

TalkTalk's Dido Harding explains consolidation ‘concern’

TalkTalk CEO Dido Harding has expressed ‘concern’ at the consolidation in the UK market,

Harding used the company’s Q1 trading update for 2015 to call on regulators to prevent UK ‘being held to ransom’. She claimed that consolidation will stifle competition.

TalkTalk revealed Q1 revenues of 3.5% year on year, predicting a 5% revenue growth for the year.

She said: ‘We remain deeply concerned by current consolidation proposals in the UK, which will inevitably stifle competition and lead to increased prices and reduced innovation for consumers.’

The company reported in its latest results that its mobile offering generated a SIM only market share of 15%, up from 11% in the previous quarter.

However it admitted that its broadband results were in contrast to its mobile performance. TalkTalk explained that ‘high promotional activity’ led to a ‘softer broadband market’, with shares in the MVNO falling by 6.8% on Wednesday’s stock market.

Harding added: ‘We reiterate our call for regulators to make the most of the opportunity to take bold, radical action, such as the separation of Openreach. It is increasingly clear that this is the only way to prevent the future of the UK’s digital infrastructure from being held to ransom.’

The announcement follows claims made by TalkTalk this week that Vodafone are existing the MVNO market, which has been denied by the operator.




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