ShP Limited diversifies mobile recycling as IT converges

ShP Limited diversifies mobile recycling as IT converges

Mobile recycling company ShP Limited claims to be bridging the gap between IT and mobile,
offering a one-stop recycling solution as the two markets converge.

Speaking to Mobile, CEO Simon Walsh explained that while mobile recycling is still an important part of the business, ShP is looking to diversity its services to respond to the convergence of IT. He said that customers are starting to identify smartphones and computers as the same, and are starting to look for solutions that cover both.

He said: ‘We have made sure that we cover the full spectrum of IT and comms as they have become converged. We can assist on the back end; we’re very much into the IT and comms, not just mobile phones. On the mobile side of things people are spending more money and turnaround times aren’t as quick as it was with feature phones and we’ve diversified our business away. Mobile phone recycling is a good business, but to grow and offer a service we needed to kick off different services and different revenues streams.

‘There’s lots of competition, we set ourselves aside in the way we cover the whole aspect of IT and comms; there are lots of specialist mobile and IT companies but we bridge that gap and make sure customers can use us to recycle everything from hard drives to mobile phones. We very much specialise in data security and wiping, but it allows us to wipe mobile phone and hard drive in the same process. It’s becoming more and more prevalent, because customers are treating mobile and smartphones like IT.’

Walsh believes that by expanding ShP’s services to include IT, the company can appeal to smaller businesses who may not have the resources to outsource much IT recycling. He explained that the company has so far focused on its direct channels, but will now look to branch out into indirect.
He said: ‘Small business can benefit from us because they haven’t got the internal resources to manage as a large corporate. We’re here to support small and large business, we look to be the outsourcing arm of their IT.

‘The direct channel is still a big feature of our business, we’re working with end businesses and that is still key, but we’ve also included indirect services. There are a couple of contracts to be signed and we’re working with resellers and distributors in the UK.  The indirect side of the business is an area that’s going to become more and more apparent within ShP.


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