Vodafone bridges 4G ‘knowledge gap’

Vodafone bridges 4G ‘knowledge gap’

Vodafone has warned that businesses that do not adopt 4G will risk falling behind, claiming a
‘knowledge gap’ is to blame.

Phil Mottram, UK enterprise director of Vodafone UK, told Mobile that while companies understand the benefits of 4G, many do not understand how it can positively impact a business.

He said the knowledge gap had contributed to the ‘steady, but not yet widespread, adoption of 4G’, warning that businesses need to evolve with the digital landscape.

He added: ‘In today’s highly competitive market every second counts. The proliferation of mobile devices and social media has transformed customers’ expectations when engaging with brands. We now operate in a 24/7 environment where speed is of the essence. If businesses don’t keep pace with their customers’ expectations, they risk falling behind their competitors and potentially losing business to their more tech-savvy competitors that evolve with the digital landscape.

‘One of the biggest barriers to adoption is the gap in understanding what 4G can offer UK businesses. This may be what is preventing business leaders from making a compelling case for adopting the technology. Linking the benefits of 4G back to business priorities is key to helping business leaders make the case for upgrading to 4G.

‘Organisations need to think about how technology can help them meet their business priorities. It’s important that businesses enable their workforce to be as productive and effective as possible while future-proofing themselves so they can quickly adapt to change as technology and the competitive landscape evolves.’


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