EE pulls Power Bars amid ‘overheating’ fears

EE pulls Power Bars amid ‘overheating’ fears

EE has issued a Power Bar recall following a number of incidents where the portable charger has overheated.

EE has launched an investigation into the chargers, relating to Power Bars from a particular batch posing a fire safety risk.

The network said: ‘We've identified a very small number of incidents where Power Bars have overheated, all of which relate to batch E1-06, and could pose a fire safety risk. We request that customers stop using them and return their device.’

The announcement follows reports that an EE Power Bar exploded after a user plugged it into a laptop to charge.

EE introduced the Power Bars in April, in a move to boost its retail footfall by providing customers with the free portable chargers. The programme enabled users to swap empty Power Bars in store, in exchange for one fully charged.

The scheme quickly saw the Power Bars sell out, with EE announcing a ‘power pause’ after it was inundated with one million requests within the first four days of launch.

EE claim that no other batches have overheating issues and that its unlimited swap program will be suspended until its investigation is complete.



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