giffgaff says fewer customers choose its unlimited package

giffgaff says fewer customers choose its unlimited package

giffgaff is changing its unlimited data packages due to a ‘big reduction’ in the number of customers who choose the plans.

Changes were revealed on a blogpost from giffgaff introducing its latest 4G and tethering plans, which include a new ‘Always On’ tariff. ‘Always On’ replaces giffgaff’s previous unlimited tariff and provides 6GB of data at 4G speeds, with any additional data outside this running at a reduced speed.

The MVNO explained that whilst many customers ‘find the concept of unlimited appealing’ less of its customers were taking the service.

giffgaff said this reduction in customer numbers was for a number of reasons including; a price increase, the availability of bigger bundles at lower price points and the introduction of its ‘Early repurchase’, which allows users to buy more data if they’re running low on their monthly allowance.

The O2-backed business introduced Traffic Flow measures last year to ensure that during busy periods of usage data was not being shared evenly amongst its members. The ‘Always On’ package attempts to assist the flow of data, as the MVNO’s blogpost explained: ‘The fact remains though that a small number of unlimited members still use a huge portion of our available data.  Traffic Flow measures we’ve told you about over the last year have helped but they are not the full solution. With growing support in the Community for a new way to make the distribution of data fairer and protect the experience for all, the time feels right for a change.

‘Most Unlimited members don’t use anything like 6GB so the only differences will be that they can now enjoy 4G at no extra cost and can use their first 6GB for tethering.’


the only reason there has been a ma**ive decline on customer not choosing to take the unlimited option is because they can get the same for less. Oth ...
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