O2’s new ‘smart network’ will direct signal to users

O2’s new ‘smart network’ will direct signal to users

O2 claims it now has the ‘smartest mobile network’, following the introduction of new technology.

Described by O2 as an ‘intelligent self-optimising network’, the new system can adapt to users’ behaviour and act a solution to signal not-spots.

The smart network will determine the best coverage for customers in a particular area and redirect signal in real time, adjusting network traffic as required.

The network will include an additional system to analyse quality of voice calls, texts and data. This anonymised data will then be used to pinpoint where network improvements need to be made and also improve the general quality across the country.

The issue of signal coverage is one that affects all mobile operators and O2 COO Derek McManus believes there is a lot to be learned from customer behaviour and new technology.

He said: ‘The way in which our customers use and experience our network is incredibly powerful and there is a lot we can learn from it. As well as regular infrastructure upgrades, we also prioritise the introduction of new technologies and are proud to bring this innovation to the UK. Our customers now use the smartest, most intelligent network available, which learns and responds to precisely how they choose to use it.

‘Our five year £3bn network modernisation program has so far seen us roll out 4G to 575 towns and cities across the UK and we are on track to achieve 98% indoor and outdoor population coverage by 2017.’

Research from O2 has found the self-optimising technology reduces the time it takes to optimise the service from weeks to minutes. The network stated that initial tests in Edinburgh saw call quality improve by 40%, with the service to be rolled out to O2’s 24m customers by November.



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