T-Mobile's Sidekick

T-Mobile's Sidekick
The very latest version of the Danger's wireless-PDA– come-smartphone is being launched exclusively in the UK by T-Mobile as the Sidekick 3.

As Phil Chapman, T-Mobile UK's marketing director, put it: 'The Sidekick brand has been hugely successful in the US and T-Mobile is delighted to be the first and only company to offer the Sidekick 3 in the UK.'

In terms of new facilities, perhaps the most important addition to this device is that the Sidekick 3 now offers a built-in MP3 player within the handset. Naturally this will lead to the Sidekick being touted as a viable alternative to the Apple iPod.

To store the music files, the Sidekick 3 comes with 64 M of internal memory and an external MiniSD card slot which should take it up to at least 2GB. The product will be shipped with just a 64MB card, however.

Another important addition is the inclusion of a built-in 1.3 mega-pixel digital camera. This will enable the Sidekick 3 to compete on equal terms with the majority of other smartphone offerings.

With its large swivel colour screen and full QWERTY keyboard, the Sidekick 3 makes an ideal choice to push T-Mobile's Web'n'Walk service which is intended to provide subscribers with a full Internet experience on their mobile phones.

Plus support for Instant Messaging (IM) and email will allows resellers to promote the Sidekick 3 as a viable alternative to the RIM Blackberry. It's popularity in the States will also give the Sidekick and edge over competing products such as O2's XDA range.

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