Qualcomm confirms sale of spectrum to Hutch & Voda

Qualcomm confirms sale of spectrum to Hutch & Voda

Qualcomm have agreed to sell the entirety of its UK spectrum rights to Vodafone and Hutchinson Whampoa.

Bloomberg have estimated the sale to be worth £200m, with the two networks each set to obtain 20 MHz of the L-band spectrum in separate transactions to better manage global data traffic.

Vodafone have revealed ambitions to combine the purchased spectrum with radio waves it currently operates across the network.

A spokesperson said: ‘It complements Vodafone’s existing low frequency 800MHz spectrum which travels further and penetrates better through walls than other higher frequency 4G signals.

‘Over time, Vodafone intends to combine its newly purchased spectrum with 800 MHz using a new technology called 4G+, and also referred to as Carrier Aggregation, to deliver theoretical peak download speeds of up to three times faster than standard 4G.’

Many internet based services, including video-on-demand are obtained by users through a downlink channel on the network. By obtaining the UK rights for the L-band spectrum, Vodafone and Three owners Hutchinson will be able to boost their downlink channels currently in place, increasing the amount of data users’ are able to obtain off the networks.

Originally used for mobile broadband, the L-band spectrum has the capabilities to enable the two networks to meet ‘the global demand for increased mobile data traffic’, explained Qualcomm

Both transactions are currently awaiting regulator consent, with Three commenting: ‘We can confirm we have successfully bid for spectrum held by Qualcomm UK Spectrum, subject Ofcom’s review of the proposed trade.

‘We will make no further comment until Ofcom has announced the outcome of that review process and the transaction has completed.’



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