Differentiation is key at Wileyfox launch

 Differentiation is key at Wileyfox launch

The new market entrant Wileyfox launched two handsets and revealed former Motorola UK GM Nick Muir as its CEO. Muir told Mobile that the new company had a clear go-to-market strategy: ‘We identified four key components for how we could succeed with a high-quality, low-cost device: Brand, infrastructure, hardware and software.

‘We began thinking that we could create a European brand, with infrastructure based locally and with a disruptive consumer angle, which we found with Cyanogen. We looked at whether we could offer something that was good enough to sell before Christmas and we decided that we could.’

Cyanogen is an Android-based operating system created via Google’s open source platform. Its CEO Kirt McMaster has been vocal about the importance of developing alternative operating systems on the market. He told Mobile that partnerships between challenger brands would be crucial in breaking the dominance of a small number of companies that existed in certain segments of the UK market: ‘It’s about creating a point of differentiation. That’s why we’re partnering with Qualcomm and Wileyfox. These partnerships will be key to providing the challenge.’

The online channel will be critical for Wileyfox, Muir told Mobile, adding that distributing stock in this way provided more financial opportunities than traditional routes to market: ‘More and more people are buying online – surveys suggest that this trend will only continue. From our perspective, having a direct online model gives us significant investment opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have.’



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