Three claims VoLTE victory as 4G Super-Voice lauches

Three claims VoLTE victory as 4G Super-Voice lauches

Three has announced that it is introducing a new VoLTE technology known as 4G Super-Voice.

The technology will be based on a rollout of low-frequency 800MHz spectrum, which the network says helps mobile signal travel much further into buildings and extends the reach to more rural areas.

The network claims that this will remove many of the current coverage ‘blackspots’ across the country. Three claims that 4G Super-Voice will enable its customers to make calls, send texts and get online in places that previously had poor or no signal.

The network becomes the first UK operator to launch VoLTE technology. Three explained that this was made possible by the addition of the low-frequency spectrum to the Three network. The operator added that this would allow its 4G network to carry voice calls using VoLTE technology as well as texts and data. 

Mark Windle, head of marketing at OpenCloud, said: ‘Three has launched VoLTE this week, beating the other UK operators to the finish line, and it will only be a matter of time before the other operators follow suit. However, it is likely that the services will simply recreate today’s voice-calling experience over a 4G connection rather than add anything exciting for subscribers.  

‘Real innovation will only come if VoLTE can be developed beyond the standard that all operators are set to follow. Service-layers that can be openly developed by operators’ in-house teams, systems integrators and independent third-party developers enable operators to add innovation and differentiation to their VoLTE services. It will be interesting to see which operators take the initiative to go beyond common standards.’


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