Doro plans to target staff with the launch of a major retail drive

Doro plans to target staff with the launch of a major retail drive

Doro is planning a major push into retail with the launch of a new online training tool for store

Speaking exclusively to Mobile, CEO Chris Millington explained that the new initiative will help Doro get a foot in the door and take advantage of the growing senior market to expand its retail opportunities. The manufacturer claims that the retail tool will propel the brand following the launch of its new 4G smartphone.

Millington said: ‘We’re just starting to deliver information to retail staff because previously we haven’t been given the ability to do so. You’ve got to fight your way through the mobile space and when you’re a niche player it comes with the tag of not being mainstream and not getting the first bite of the cherry. The mobile market is shrinking but the senior market is growing and we’re taking a larger share of the mobile market all the time, so we’re becoming relevant and noticed.

‘We’re playing around with digital messaging to go after influencing staff – we can’t bribe them but we do lots of in-store training and lots of regional training. Our new training application will help educate staff so they can understand the difference of Doro compared with other brands.’

The tool will provide retail staff with a number of modules to complete on the Doro brand and devices, which will be accessible via an application. Luke Roberts, Doro’s head of training, admitted that ‘Doro is not always the obvious choice’ in the retail smartphone environment.

He expressed confidence that while the senior market recognises Doro as a feature phone brand, the retail tool will help make Doro the first choice in smartphones as well.

He said: ‘We have seen a definite uplift in sales; it does work once people know a bit more about the product. We are competing for attention and this tool will help staff be a bit more confident about selling our devices.

‘The majority of people recognise us as a feature phone brand and we are getting to a point where there's lots of smartphones in the market so why choose a Doro? It is about educating staff about what we do well and what we do differently.’

The e-learning application will be launched to retail staff from late September, with further details on the retailers adopting this initiative to be announced.


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