People investment led to complaints drop, says Three

People investment led to complaints drop, says Three

Investing in people as well as technology has been the driving force behind Three’s drop in customer complaints, the network has told Mobile.

Three recently turned its customer service scores around, recently generating a low number of customer service complaints in the latest consumer reports by Ofcom and Which?

Speaking to Mobile, Gurpreet Gujral, director of contact centres at Three, attributed this drop to the network’s focus on educating staff, investing in call centres and its retail stores.

He said: ‘Our customer service story is quite a nice one and it’s been led by the right investment decisions. Our biggest investment has been in our mobile app but self-service systems will not solve customer service problems alone. Customers care about resolutions and less about how they get that resolution. Rather than forcing them to use technology we needed an investment in people power.

‘We have started to invest in people quite heavily, but it’s not just about call centres, we have to reach out customer by customer, most of our customers’ needs happen in our stores. Many interact with the business on the website but we know that the websites won’t always replace a human being.’

Gurjal explained that the focus on IT is one that is taking over the industry, claiming that IT systems can’t be a replacement for people. He said: ‘Most organisations are realising that the IT investments are a requirement and a crucial factor however they can’t be a replacement for traditional people focus on the channel.

‘The big challenge in the mobile industry is the oversimplification or over reliance on systems to fix issues and that’s partly due to encouraging customers to self-service. However most organisations forget that systems don’t always resolve issues and you need to back up IT investment with people investment. If there is a system that does not work that can be a problem.’





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