Exclusive: Brightstar's plan to own connected living market

Exclusive: Brightstar's plan to own connected living market

Brightstar has exclusively revealed to Mobile that it is set to launch a new connected proposition known as ‘Smart Living’.

This features a range of products and unique services designed to enable retailers to cash in on the growing market for connected products.

The distributor’s connected portfolio has been developed over the past nine months and is led by strategic propositions director Joyce Mercer. The new proposition features a range of connected, Internet of Things, and plug-and-play products, backed by a number of support services.

Mercer explained that Brightstar wanted to take away ‘the pain’ for retailers when it came to the development of a connected product strategy.

The distributor aims to collaborate with retailers to range products that effectively target the right demographics: ‘We select the right products that are relevant and add value, it’s about using our expertise to not only pick the right solutions but also help our customers sell, either through a seamless in-store experience or multiple services to make the journey easier for customers.

‘No two retailers are the same and our approach is to build the right solution for them. While there is no shortage of interest in connected products, it’s fair to say that most haven’t yet capitalised on the opportunity or defined their strategy. Our proposition is about taking that pain away and working in true partnership to deliver the right customer experience.’

The connected offering will be broken down into a segmented portfolio covering Connected Home, Connected Health, Connected Business, Connected You (personal) and Connected Them (family products). All of these categories comprise a ‘good, better, best’ set of product options, which runs to approximately 100 in total.

To help retailers introduce the connected home concept to customers, Brightstar has developed a digital virtual home, which can be deployed online or through retailer-branded digital POS in-store.

Services are also considered to be a key differentiator according to Brightstar, which will offer a number of value-added services to complement the product propositions.

Mercer, who was previously director of HR and support services at Brightstar, told Mobilethat the launch of Smart Living was just the start of a major push into the connected market: ‘We know that growth will come from connected and SIM-enabled products, but until now very few retailers and operators have managed to find a way to successfully take to market. We aim to deliver a market-leading solution, which will ultimately offer a seamless experience for the end user.’


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