Vodafone’s London council coverage cry

Vodafone’s London council coverage cry

Vodafone has asked London councils for access to at least ‘1000 more sites in London’ in an effort to meet to capitals growing mobile usage demands.

The network attacked ‘outdated planning laws and obstructions to gaining access to key sites such as council offices and libraries’. Vodafone explained that although it was already committed to spending £200m in London over the course of 2014 and 2015 it wanted to make improvements to ‘ensure long term capacity requirements’ were met for customers.

The network said that it had conducted thousands of site searches, and built and upgraded around 460 sites with 4G in key locations. This included the Shard and other landmark buildings, major train stations, shopping centres and sporting stadia.

Vodafone UK’s chief technology officer, Jorge Fernandes, said: ‘Londoners are the UK’s biggest consumers of mobile data with around 90 terabytes used every day which is equal to streaming nearly 23m average length songs.

'Today, we call on local councils to open their roof-tops to allow us to make London’s digital network infrastructure world-class. We are committed to the largest ever investment in London in our 30-year history and we need their help. We want to further extend our coverage indoors and out as well as ensure ample capacity to support London for the next twenty years.’

Research by the mobile network found that London has only 2.5 mobile phone antennas per kilometre, which it compared to Madrid that has 6.3 per kilometre. The network said that this lack of masts presented a challenge when the growth of high speed data was considered, Londoners used 76% more compared with the previous year.




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