Huawei’s Q3 boom sees smartphone shipments soar

Huawei’s Q3 boom sees smartphone shipments soar
Huawei has reported an increase in global smartphone shipments with mid-to-high-end devices driving demand.
Huawei Consumer Business Group has released its Q3 results for the year, announcing that steady growth in mid-to-high-end mobile devices has seen shipments jump 63% year on year. The manufacturer attributed this increase to high consumer demand for its Mate 7, P7 and P8 smartphones.

Huawei's European boost


Huawei explained that the growth is ‘especially strong in Europe’, with shipments to the region increasing by 98% year on year.
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, believes that the results put Huawei in good stead to reach its target shipment by the end of the year. He said: ‘This quarter’s results clearly showcase the continued success of our growth strategy.
‘We are especially proud of the stellar growth we’ve seen outside of China and the increased demand for our mid-to-high end devices. At this rate, we are confident in our ability to reach our smartphone shipment target of 100 million units by year’s end.’

Honor 7 demand

The manufacturer is currently pushing its smartphone brand honor into the European market. It’s Q3 results follow on from the European launch its honor 7 smartphones, which it claims sold out within one day after ‘overwhelming demand’.



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