4G now available to EE MVNOs through Transatel

4G now available to EE MVNOs through Transatel

Virtual networks will now have access to 4G on the EE network via Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) Transatel.

Transatel provides MVNO services for around 15 partners in the UK including the Phone Co-op and the Post Office.

The news comes days after The People’s Operator announced that it was switching its MVNO agreement from EE/Transatel to Three.

The People’s Operator ditches EE for Three’s ‘superior’ 4G network

A wave of 4G

The roll out of 4G to EE’s MVNO partners has been a slow one, back in 2014 Jason Bellman director of MVNO and M2M at the network told Mobile that the cost of installing the architecture needed for 4G had put some of its partners off.

MVNOs’ switch to 4G ‘will be slow’, says EE exec

Now it appears that there is a willingness for MVNO’s to invest in the technology. BT Mobile in particular has embarked on a major marketing campaign advertising the fact that it offers 4G on its MVNO. The Post Office also said that it delayed the launch of its MVNO in order to secure 4G.

Post Office sets its sights on iD-style offering

Just the start

Jason Bellman believes that the fact that Transatel is offering 4G to MVNOs could encourage more brands to invest in the service: ‘EE's successful relationship with Transatel has demonstrated the value of the MVNA model, supporting MVNOs with cost-efficient and flexible enabler services, alongside access to the UK's biggest and best 3G network. We are really pleased that Transatel is now able to offer MVNOs access to the UK's best 4G network and are looking forward to seeing more MVNO brands using the EE network.’

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Post Office to partner with Transatel on mobile services







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