Black Friday: Vodafone throws down gauntlet to major rivals

Black Friday: Vodafone throws down gauntlet to major rivals

Vodafone’s Jon Shaw has thrown down the gauntlet to its major rivals ahead of Black Friday.

Speaking exclusively to Mobile the network’s retail boss said that it is planning a major retail push around Black Friday. Earlier in the week a number of other mobile retailers announced promotions relating to the event.

‘We were the main telco to play in Black Friday last year’ said Shaw ‘clearly we’re ready to go again we’ve got a whole weekend of activity which we’re really looking forward to. We’ve taken a more traditional retail approach to it; they’ll big in-store exclusives, click and collect exclusives and online exclusives.’    

Black Friday growth

The importance of the American shopping event has grown year-on-year with more and more retailers using it to gather momentum in anticipation of the Christmas period, as Shaw explained to Mobile: ‘For retail generally what we’ve seen is that everyone waits now, whether we like it or not, for Black Friday. It’s clear that if you’ve been in a shopping centre footfall has been quiet.

‘Everyone is building up for this weekend, it almost is now the kick off for peak season. For us it gives three distinct times; Black Friday weekend, peak season all the way through to Christmas Eve and then from Boxing Day onwards we’ll start our sale.

Direct power

The collapse of Phones 4u last year saw Vodafone expand its store footprint and significantly boost its direct retail capabilities. A year on with more of the stores integrated and refitted to match the rest of the estate, Shaw said this investment is starting to pay off: ‘Clearly more stores mean higher expectations, it’s not just about higher sales it’s about better quality. The reason we invested in more stores is that we want to deal with customers ourselves rather than dealing with indirect channels. Indirect channels have their place and are important to us. But we know that if a customer comes to us and we can tell our story properly, we’ll generate better lifetime value from them.’


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