Black Friday’s been, Cyber Monday’s done… So what next?

Black Friday’s been, Cyber Monday’s done… So what next?

As the clock ticks on a big weekend in mobile phone retail here’s an assessment of the things we’ve learnt so far

An anti-climax?

After the madness of last year, there was always likely to be less drama with this year’s event. In 2014, Black Friday made headlines mainly for the wrong reasons and because of that there was perhaps an over-anticipation of this year’s event. Some stores said they opened too early and the rampaging hordes of bargain hunters in most popular locations didn’t show up. Nevertheless, there were a number of retailers who claimed record numbers. Amazon were vocal about a strong performance, whilst Carphone Warehouse also reported significant interest in popular handsets.


Finding the footfall

As Vodafone’s director of retail Jon Shaw told Mobilethe increase in footfall from the Black Friday event would be crucial for the quarter. The conversion rates in mobile retail are relatively low which means getting people in store is even more important. Generating interest is absolutely vital around major events. All the retailers know that this can’t afford to be a one off, in a market of high smartphone penetration and long contracts you have to make the most out of the showpiece events.  


Service conversation

This year more than any other conversations in store will turn to service, there has been a major drive across the board to get customers signing up for more than just a handset. This can be a tough task, switching a conversation to broadband or some other connected service after selling a flagship device isn’t easy and it will be interesting to see how manages to do it the most successfully.


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