2016 customer experience key says Three

2016 customer experience key says Three

Three believes that customer experience will be the difference in a fiercely competitive network operator market.

Predicting how the market will shape up in the New Year Danny Dixon, director of customer strategy told Mobile that the rise of SIM only market in 2016 would make customer experience even more crucial, he said: ‘The customer experience has become an ever more important point of differentiation in the mobile industry and that trend will continue in 2016.

‘I believe that there will be two key focus areas within customer experience: network and support. This drive across the mobile industry is being driven by a number of factors including the rise of the SIM-only market, which has trebled in size over the last five years, according to YouGov. As well as holding onto handsets for longer, consumers are more willing to source their own handset and search for a great SIM-only deal.

‘This trend, allied to the shorter contract lengths of SIM-only, means that operators have to work harder to retain their customers. Loyalty schemes will grow in popularity and more operators will look to replicate initiatives such as Three giving their customers access to OTT services like Deezer for free.’

Dixon thinks that customer service will be key in determining how a well a network performs, he said: ‘Within customer support there will be a continued focus on experience. Historically, customer service in the mobile sector has been very reactive with the company and customer only interacting when something goes wrong.


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