Tough market ahead - LG’s UK boss predicts 2016

Tough market ahead - LG’s UK boss predicts 2016

LG’s UK mobile chief Andy Coughlin has predicted another year of fierce competition in the manufacturer space in 2016.

Speaking exclusively to Mobile about what the New Year has in store for LG, Coughlin explained that the lower end of the market what continue to be a key battleground for the manufacturer.

He said: ‘The market is tough, there is no denying that. Some players are struggling to maintain profitability and have moved out of segments that they deem too competitive.

‘At LG we are committed to ensure we offer great devices throughout the value chain without compromising on quality as not everyone wants a flagship device with the associated high costs so we can expect to gain share in this area.

‘What this does mean of course is that the high tier will get even more focus from some players but can be very costly if they fail to break through. I have been in mobile now for 23 years and have seen the rise and fall of several big names.

‘We need a competitive landscape with as much choice as possible for consumers to prevent the market becoming commoditised so I genuinely hope the end of 2016 will still see strong challengers to the market leaders.’

Commenting on the market consolidation Coughlin told Mobile that he anticipated that there would be an impact on price.

He said: ‘In terms of consolidation, we don’t know what we don’t know I guess. I am sure however that whatever happens consumers will see their monthly costs come down as all the telcos are working hard to increase the value they offer. There are some great deals out there and the cost of data is falling as consumers become more data hungry and I don’t see that changing any time s


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