Fonehouse: 2016 holds ‘big changes’ to mobile landscape

Fonehouse: 2016 holds ‘big changes’ to mobile landscape

Fonehouse chairman Clive Bayley has predicted another year of ‘big changes’ in the mobile industry.

Speaking to Mobile about what 2016 has in store, Bayley also expects the market to continue to evolve: ‘They’ll be more consolidation from the old brigade as corporations look to cut costs and get ready for investment in the big changes afoot in telecoms and content. The giant telecom mergers will certainly change the landscape. Again, small, new starts ups springing up to drive new ideas forward.

‘As online becomes more and more sophisticated on its march on the consumers pocket. Perhaps we will see the withdrawal of a major handset manufacturer and the emergence of new smaller manufacturers disrupting at the lower end of the market.

New formats springing up in Wearables and IOT as the marketing product design departments try to find the way forward and answer the question “ what does the consumer really want “and or “how can we create the need” Tough area to play in as mistakes will be costly.

‘More focus on B2B safe haven as there will be flat lining on traditional store retail until the new way forward is proven. People power increases and major corporates have to tie themselves up in knots to be perceived as PC to all, thus allowing smaller, riskier, companies to have a voice albeit through new online opinion making channels and opinion groups.

Again, we still remain in the time of massive change, especially in our field of technology so keep thinking laterally and be prepared to fail occasionally to achieve the big wins.’



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