Giants will start domination plan – predicts 2016

Giants will start domination plan – predicts 2016

High profile acquisitions will see the likes of Google and Apple look to dominate mobile, industry veteran and co-founder Keith Curran has predicted.

Speaking to Mobile, Curran explained that this will arise as part of a number of a major market shake-up, brought on by up-coming mergers.

He said: ‘It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the headlines for the first half of the year will be dominated by the high profile industry acquisitions led by BT and Hutchison. But this is just the beginning with some of the biggest changes in the industry set to follow, as the world’s tech giants such as Google and Apple start their domination plan.

Curran explained that this domination could see smaller handset brands fall behind as the likes of Samsung and Apple look to continue their market duopoly. He believes that the adoption of the Internet of Things market will see the industry look for ways to deliver connected solutions, while a rise in data usage will reach ‘whole new levels’.

‘With the likes of Apple and Samsung continuing to dominate market share and with Microsoft determined to join them, you have to ask yourself whether 2016 will see the demise of a number of other handset brands,’ he said.

‘As tech and telecoms become one, data usage will rise to whole new levels as people’s appetite for media on the move continues and with mobile advertising revenue set to eclipse conventional methods some time in 2016.

‘IoT will still be a high profile subject but there will still be confusion in terms of exactly how to deliver solutions and truly monetise the opportunity.’


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