Wearables to hit the mainstream: Samsung’s UK mobile boss predicts 2016

Wearables to hit the mainstream: Samsung’s UK mobile boss predicts 2016

Wearable technology will reach the mainstream in 2016 according to Samsung’s UK mobile boss Conor Pierce.

Pierce spoke to Mobile about his predictions for the New Year, claiming that the next 12 months will see wearable devices match customer demand. He believes that this is down to enhanced consumer awareness of how wearables can be used.

‘In the last few months we have seen the popularity of wearables sky-rocket and I have no doubt that this trend will stand out in the 2016 mobile market beyond any other. We are at a very exciting time where wearables are becoming much more widely available, and consumer demand is growing to match this, with awareness of how they can enhance everyday life being realised.’

The mobile head expects this awareness to grow as the connected home gains popularity and the number of devices that can connect to the main home ‘hub’ increases. The manufacturer saw smartwatch demand surge in 2015.

Pierce explained that in terms of the connected home, wearables will prove ‘pivotal’:‘2016 will see all wearables, including smartwatches, fitness bands and VR headsets finally reach the mainstream as they become widely affordable and seamlessly integrated into our routine. They will act as a hub for everything that we do and become pivotal to our daily lives, particularly when it comes to our connected homes.

‘The connected home idea will become more important to consumers, with wearables playing an important role within it. Whilst mobiles will remain the hub for our connected lives, the expanding number and type of sensors built into smartwatches will mean that our connected experience will become hyper-personalised, with our homes and devices able to respond to learn from our behaviour more effectively than ever before.










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