Lebara CEO sees 2016 as the year of the global consumer

Lebara CEO sees 2016 as the year of the global consumer

Lebara’s CEO for communication Manjot Singh Mann has hailed 2016 as the ‘year of the global consumer’ with more customers choosing to go with only one supplier as a result.

Speaking to Mobile about trends for the New Year the MVNO boss said that convergence driven by the consumer would occur on a global level the effects of which would be felt across the industry: ‘2016 will be the year of convergence and convenience, both driven by the consumer. More and more consumers will opt for the convenience of having just one supplier, to affordably and easily provide access to all their desired services, through a range of devices and platforms, particularly as smartphones emerge as the preferred device for a variety of services.’

Consumers drive decisions

Mann added that the push from consumers would affect prices and the propositions that businesses put forward: ‘Consumers will lead the way more than ever and their demands place more pressure for products and services to deliver stronger propositions, faster and at better value.

Providers know they must answer to these demands to maintain favourable profit levels for sustainable growth. They will be forced to ensure they are cost effective in their internal processes and practices.’

This, Mann believes, will mean the number of multi-service offerings increase and make competition even more intense: ‘Therefore, we’ll see accelerated growth in multi-play offerings, which will competitively drive down prices. The weakest links won’t survive. Not only will consumers demand more for less, they will demand to have it instantly, at any time and any place around the globe. The increase in people’s desire to travel and move around the globe will see a rise in the use of ‘virtual’ money to make it easier to transact. As a result we’ll see further innovation around the offering of financial services.’


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