3 things we learned from CES 2016...

3 things we learned from CES 2016...

As Las Vegas prepares to bid farewell to the tech community Mobile asks what this year’s event taught us


Brand’s abandoned

Motorola managed to make the week’s biggest headline with the news that the brand would be retired. It’s an unusual way for Lenovo to grab the spotlight, but it demonstrates the progress that the manufacturer believes it has made in the last few years. Lenovo clearly feels that that it has enough brand kudos to let push its brand in a truly global manner.


Combinations and Collaborations

Major trade shows are usually the place for big announcements of collaborations between big brands take place and this year’s CES didn’t disappoint. Intel announced a host of partnerships with different brands from sportswear to entertainment. Under Armour and HTC affirmed their wearable allegiance by unveiling a range of fitness technology products. Whilst AT&T revealed that it would be providing its connected home service to O2. The modern day open-source attitude that technology firms have make these types of agreements more common, and as Mobile World Congress approaches we are likely to see even more of these collaborations.


Connected home stars

From Samsung’s smart fridges to O2’s ‘Digital Life’ the connected home was one of the major themes at the Las Vegas event. It’s a sector that flourishes at this type of trade show where many small and clever home technology gadgets can be easily displayed and explained. The quantity and range of this type of product has meant that no one company has been able to take ownership of the market. They contrast from the larger more expensive items such as Samsung’s TV’s and it will be interesting to see whether manufacturing these items will be advantageous for those operating in the market.


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