Demand for new services sees branch out

Demand for new services sees branch out

Additional services are starting to drive new growth areas for as partner demand surges.

Speaking to Mobile, founder and industry veteran Keith Curran explained that a ‘significant number’ of its partners are now looking to offer services such as fixed line and voice over IP (VoIP).

He said: ‘VoIP is the fastest growing part of our business at the moment – well over 100 mobile partners have started to sell the service,’ he said. ‘It’s growing faster than mobile was when we first launched. VoIP, fixed and Internet of Things (IoT) are all becoming as popular as mobile, and that’s where the portal is important.’

Curran explained that the portal can be used to simplify the process for mobile dealers, especially in the case of fixed line, an area where dealers find it hard to enter the market.

‘A lot of mobile dealers just will not touch fixed line, they think it’s far too complicated. Most partners don’t understand it or how to get into it so we’ve made it unbelievably simple for them. They don’t understand the structure or how to get customer details, and the portal allows them to set it up just using a customer’s postcode. It then connects to the back-end structure of BT OpenReach and pulls information off the address. There isn’t anything else on the market that allows us to tailor-make tarrifs and add apps for enterprise and business.’

‘50 billion connected devices’’s partner portal is something that Curran believes will gain popularity in 2016 as the Internet of Things gains traction, claiming the company has already gained ‘significant wins’ in this market.

‘IoT is relatively new but still massive. There are going to be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, and at the moment we are seeing significant wins in IoT. One of our partners has provided mobile Wi-Fi to the UK’s largest coach operator and that’s a huge amount of data.

‘Another has put in a control IoT unit on motorways for speed lights. We have got a large take-up in partners when it comes to IoT because it’s still very new and partners are still wary about how they can understand it and package it, but our portal makes it extremely simple, and having all these things in one place makes a massive difference for the partner.’


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